Definition of Cape Barren goose in US English:

Cape Barren goose


  • A pale gray Australian goose related to the shelducks, with a short black bill that is almost covered by a waxy yellow cere, and a black tail.

    Cereopsis novaehollandiae, family Anatidae

    Also called cereopsis goose
    • ‘In her eulogy at Tony's funeral, Marion Grace, his electoral secretary for the whole time he was in parliament, reminded those present of his successful campaigns in saving the Cape Barren geese, the hairy nosed wombat and the dingo.’
    • ‘The paddlers shared the island with ever noisy penguins, lots of rats and Cape Barren geese.’
    • ‘Each day as we were walking we saw much wildlife including hooded plovers, pied oyster-catchers, Cape Barren geese, Bennetts wallabies and thrillingly for me, a wombat.’
    • ‘The islands are nature reserves and provide refuges for such diverse wildlife as Cape Barren geese, sea lions, tammar wallabies and death adders.’


Mid 19th century: named after Cape Barren, an island in the Bass Strait, Australia.