Definition of cap'n in US English:



  • ‘I did it just like they taught us, Cap'n’
    contraction of captain, used in representing speech
    • ‘The cap'n don't hold with the boys gambling away their pay.’
    • ‘Nothin' can go wrong in askin' fer a boat, cap'n.’
    • ‘All due respect, cap'n, we don't have much time.’
    • ‘We've been told to watch out for Reb infiltrators trying to get information, haven't we cap'n?’
    • ‘Someone been telling you about ghosts, cap'n?’
    • ‘If either of ye dogs dare inform the cap'n, ye shall be answerin' to me.’
    • ‘Well, cap'n, when me and Ad were scouting about outside, we noticed that most of the damage was concentrated on the port side of the ship, sir.’
    • ‘Thanks again, cap'n, for spending more of my money.’
    • ‘‘Aye, aye, cap'n,’ he retorted before skipping back out, still looking smug.’
    • ‘Weigh anchor or I'll give you a taste of the cap'n's daughter.’
    • ‘Now, how's'bout my appointment with the cap'n?’
    • ‘Needless to say he smelled pretty bad so I quickly shoved 'im off and ran back to the cap'n.’
    • ‘You'll either be a cap'n's servant or 'prenticed to one of the craftsmen, but likely not an able seaman just yet.’
    • ‘Alarmed, Moore hurried back to the Hesperus, where he explained to his cap'n that the crew were AWOL.’
    • ‘No one knows exactly what happened to distract the opposing cap'n.’
    • ‘It's only sensible if ye were to stay with the cap'n and… with us.’
    • ‘Ahoy, thar, cap'n, the boys been sayin' I be grave injured.’
    • ‘Aye cap'n, keep them scallywags under tight watch, wot!’
    • ‘‘You're the cap'n,’ Nikolai pointed out nastily, his accent making it sound even fiercer.’
    • ‘It couldn't have been more than an hour before you arrived, cap'n.’