Definition of canonistic in US English:



  • See canonist

    • ‘And, even then, a dissident antipapal council assembled in 1511 at Pisa, stimulating a great outflow of canonistic and theological writings in defence of the Conciliar theory.’
    • ‘Las Casas had to use the canonistic tradition in a situation that the canonists had never envisioned.’
    • ‘Interest on money is forbidden; the prohibition of usury is, indeed, as Roscher says, the centre of the whole canonistic system of economy, as well as the foundation of a great part of the ecclesiastical jurisdiction.’
    • ‘Aquinas sets out simply to clarify and systematize received theological and canonistic teachings on the Jews.’
    • ‘The term ‘conjugal rights’ has long characterized ways of speaking about marriage both in the canonistic tradition and in the secular legal systems of the West.’