Definition of cannibalization in US English:


(British cannibalisation)


  • See cannibalize

    • ‘The AccountMate line will become Softline's flagship product, he says, and since Softline's other products have little presence in the United States or in AccountMate's other markets, cannibalization should be nonexistent.’
    • ‘Where there used to be insight, there is now only cannibalisation of older, bigger ideas.’
    • ‘The extent of internet cannibalisation in classified advertising is as yet unknown.’
    • ‘Newspaper companies will begin to ask the proper questions about digital media, instead of simply mumbling about cannibalization and print.’
    • ‘Second, in the face of an increasingly cluttered market, sister brands within a category find it difficult to remain distinct with market confusion, cannibalization and inefficient communication as the all-too-common results.’