Definition of canned in US English:



  • 1(of food or drink) preserved or supplied in a sealed can.

    ‘canned beans’
    • ‘As soon as the kitten seems to desire a more substantial food, mix a little canned food into the cereal blend.’
    • ‘Do not eat or drink anything sold by street vendors, (except sealed bottled or canned drinks).’
    • ‘However, there's always been a slight risk attached to eating any preserved food: canned, bottled or refrigerated.’
    • ‘The Department of Agriculture & Food is making canned beef available free to individuals and families throughout the county.’
    • ‘His only stipulations were that he would drive and that he expected good food: ‘No canned beans.’’
    • ‘You are being encouraged to go out and buy loads of batteries, water, canned foods, matches, candles, plyboard, tape etc.’
    • ‘Walk through your local supermarket, and you'll find it in breakfast cereals, canned drinks, processed foods of every sort.’
    • ‘The bacteria which cause botulism cannot grow in acid conditions, so acid foods such as canned fruit and tomatoes need be heated only just enough to bring the centre of the can to boiling point.’
    • ‘While fresh vegetables are preferable, second best is to have a supply of canned fruits and vegetables and juices, as well as a cache of dried fruits.’
    • ‘The growing use of instant pudding, instant drinks, snack foods, and canned soups reflects growing time constraints.’
    • ‘This is why it is added to foods such as bacon, smoked fish, canned vegetables, margarine, bread and savoury snacks.’
    • ‘I have written a lot of cookbooks and they don't use convenience products, unless you consider canned tomatoes convenience food.’
    • ‘When it comes to something to drink, make sure that bottled and canned drinks have intact seals or caps when you get them.’
    • ‘Most shopping carts were filled with dried foods, such as instant noodles, canned food, bread and cookies, as well as with vegetables and fruits, Lee said.’
    • ‘Avoid using convenience foods, such as canned soups, microwave dinners, and boxed mixes.’
    • ‘We turn people away from the food pantry because we've run out of canned stew, canned beans, canned tuna, cereal and powered milk.’
    • ‘Rinse canned foods, such as tuna and vegetables, before using to wash away some excess sodium.’
    • ‘All contributions are gratefully accepted - used clothes, toys, canned food, medical supplies, school equipment.’
    • ‘He has an English breakfast of eggs, beans, sausage and canned tomatoes.’
    • ‘When selecting fruit, canned or frozen versions are reliable substitutes for out-of-season fresh varieties.’
  • 2informal, derogatory (of music, laughter, or applause) prerecorded and therefore considered to be lacking in freshness and spontaneity.

    • ‘What I am, however, is someone who understands the marginal utility of a good laugh, canned or not.’
    • ‘They could hear her high heels tap down the hall, then the T.V. set switched on and loud, tinny canned laughter filled the air.’
    • ‘The same trustworthy sources complained that the canned music was too darn loud, but perhaps that's a problem which will have been ironed out by now.’
    • ‘On the technical side the production is adequate, but I could have wished for a less chintzy starlit sky effect and canned sound that didn't sound so canned.’
    • ‘All the while, you'll hear canned laughter in the background.’
    • ‘The three tracks recorded in the '30s do have that canned sound of recordings from the time, but without much of the hiss and pops of the old records.’
    • ‘Similarly, programming and sampling blur the dichotomy between live and canned sound.’
    • ‘Upon her arrival home she was greeted by the sound of canned laughter floating out of the den.’
    • ‘Research showed that although people watching comedy shows with canned laughter laughed less, the physiological effects were as if they had indeed laughed.’
    • ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm proves that you don't need obvious jokes and canned laughter to make good comedy.’
    • ‘Not having to pause for canned laughter means the show's dialogue is smoother as well, its language more genuine.’
    • ‘As with most games in this niche genre, AE features wailing guitars, canned jazz, and an array of real-world aircraft.’
    • ‘If the audience isn't applauding, canned applause should be at the ready.’
    • ‘To be honest, I preferred the live music, even though it made conversation near-impossible, to the canned music which I found too loud and too intrusive.’
    • ‘They turn it into a third-rate sitcom without the safety net of the canned laughter.’
    • ‘Her vocals are as whiny as ever, but here they sound canned as well.’
    • ‘It's hard to believe there's still a fan base for a guy who stutters childish rhymes over canned reggae beats.’
    • ‘We never used canned laughter or ‘sweetened’ the audience reaction in any way - ever.’
    • ‘However, it is important that people should be aware that the proposed bill only applies to live entertainment and not to canned music, which could easily be used more often.’
    • ‘When the music is canned, the performers must perform to its rhythms and their timing is constricted.’