Definition of canid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkanid//ˈkā-/


  • A mammal of the dog family ("Canidae")

    • ‘During this period all hypercarnivorous forms disappeared from the fossil record, including hypercarnivorous canids and mustelids, in addition to feliforms.’
    • ‘Unlike most large canids, wild dogs do not announce their presence by howling, but with a scent message that can last for months.’
    • ‘In canids such as wolves or wild dogs, usually only the dominant, or alpha, male and female in a pack reproduce, but younger group members hunt with the mother and return to the den to regurgitate predigested meat into the mouths of her pups.’
    • ‘Red foxes, like many other canids, have tail glands.’
    • ‘Adult turtles have relatively few natural predators, although sharks and saltwater crocodiles are known to consume adults, and nesting females are preyed upon by coyotes and other canids.’


Late 19th century: from modern Latin Canidae (plural), from Latin canis dog.