Definition of canebrake in US English:



North American
  • A piece of ground covered with a dense growth of canes.

    • ‘The thick canebrake along Holy Ground Greek, however, rendered it impossible for Carson's men to cross it and attack the town from the creek's right bank.’
    • ‘The state's rivers, canebrakes, birds, and flowers inspired her.’
    • ‘Leading his guest through the canebrakes was cruel enough but even crueler was a scientific hoax Audubon played on him, describing and drawing a dozen local fish which never existed except in his own tall tales.’
    • ‘Although there can be little doubt that large canebrakes in bottomland forests provide prime breeding habitat for Swainson's Warbler, it is clear from the aforementioned examples that giant cane, per se, is not required.’
    • ‘Incidentally, Lyell makes a common error, confusing canebrakes or native bamboo stands with prairies.’