Definition of candy corn in US English:

candy corn


  • A form of chewy candy shaped like a large kernel of corn.

    • ‘I found a kernel of candy corn in my hall closet last night.’
    • ‘Instead, these are cute creative cheese crackers that look like traditional candy corn and are super quick to make!’
    • ‘Hopefully I can find some candy corn and sit down with 5 bags and binge.’
    • ‘And how can you not love a guy who actually spends a good portion of his time talking about that luscious Halloween treat that is candy corn and its rich, illustrious history?’
    • ‘Next to that bowl of strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream with little paper Amerian flag garnish, feel free to plant an obvious bowl of orange, yellow and brown Halloween candy corn.’
    • ‘The smells of Halloween filled the air - - autumn leaves, pumpkin pie and a peculiarly strong smell of candy corn, and although Mandy couldn't smell anything because of her cold, she was happy nonetheless.’
    • ‘And take account of the simple pleasures: like the dish of candy corn in the office around the corner, and the perfectly delicious fall days that we've had here lately.’
    • ‘I've seen people become outraged after spotting someone tossing popcorn to a gorilla - and people should be outraged by that transgression - but these same people think nothing about feeding candy corn and Cheetos to their own toddlers!’
    • ‘If you don't choose more healthful treats, you're the one who's going to be in the house with bags of leftover chocolate bars and candy corn.’
    • ‘One of his friends was sitting alone in the corner eating candy corn.’
    • ‘A simple idea is candy bags full of traditional treats such as candy corn.’
    • ‘Natalie decides on wearing a black t-shirt that has a candy corn on it and says ‘sweet,’ black and orange striped stockings and a black skirt that used to be mine.’
    • ‘Meanwhile the Goelitz Confectionery Company introduced candy corn in 1898.’
    • ‘It's used to make a lot of stuff like popcorn, cornuts, canned corn, corn on the cob, cornbread, and that candy corn stuff.’
    • ‘And of course, absolutely no one likes candy corn.’
    • ‘Carrots are not only great to eat, but they make a rich golden-orange color, like the orange part of candy corn.’