Definition of candlestick in US English:



  • A support or holder for one or more candles, typically one that is tall and thin.

    • ‘Other items stolen from the Holy Trinity Anglican Church included candlesticks, vases, antique tables, a communion vessel and a chalice.’
    • ‘Decorate your outdoor space with unusual iron sculpture, tall candlesticks or a variety of potted plants.’
    • ‘Tables are laid with fresh flowers and silver candlesticks with fish motifs.’
    • ‘Everything was gold and marble: the tables, chairs, candles, candlesticks, and even the outside of the mantel.’
    • ‘On the table were three candlesticks, the one in the middle being the tallest, and the flames were bright orange.’
    • ‘My own tastes run toward dark colors, simple oak antiques, comfortable chairs, brass candlesticks, and interesting but quirky ornaments.’
    • ‘Communion chalices can cost between £500 and £10,000, with candlesticks worth in excess of £500.’
    • ‘A feeling of quality about the place was enhanced by the starched white tablecloths and napkins, and silver candlesticks.’
    • ‘Two more candles on silver-gilt candlesticks stand at each end of the coffin.’
    • ‘Even a candle in a copper candlestick was present.’
    • ‘Instead of boring old scented candles and candlesticks, why not get a friend a candle that actually says something about them?’
    • ‘This figurine was designed as a candlestick, with the holder protruding from the base on either side.’
    • ‘The stolen candlesticks, which are about 8in tall and are painted to look like bronze, were taken from a mantelpiece in the museum's Hearth Gallery, which shows historic fireplaces.’
    • ‘His interior pieces on display include medieval banquet tables, slender candlesticks and chandeliers, and mirrors.’
    • ‘Following the recent tragic accident, a beautiful set of candlesticks were donated to the local church by her friends in remembrance of Helen.’
    • ‘She had two tall, shapely brass candlesticks that sat side by side on a small table in her entryway.’
    • ‘The candlesticks were made from teak and mahogany generating a two-tone effect and looked very impressive.’
    • ‘It offers a wide variety of Christmas decorations, small gifts such as frames for photographs and figurines, silver candlesticks, candles and non-kitsch trinkets.’
    • ‘I certainly didn't want to spend my time polishing candlesticks and candelabra.’
    • ‘Down the centre were tall black candlesticks with yellow, lit stumps of wax in.’