Definition of cancer cluster in US English:

cancer cluster


  • A geographic area with a statistically higher than average occurrence of cancer among its residents.

    • ‘Campaigners claim that they have identified 15 cancer clusters among people living close to the masts.’
    • ‘Prof Macgill had a distinguished academic career, pioneering work on cancer clusters near nuclear power stations.’
    • ‘The minister has, however, offered to have the family's health tested independently by medical experts, and the Department of Health rejected claims that there is a cancer cluster in Askeaton.’
    • ‘Last week, the Eastern Regional Health Authority launched an investigation into claims that the area contained a cancer cluster.’
    • ‘Workers involved in chip manufacturing are beginning to report cancer clusters, and new evidence is emerging that computer recyclers have high levels of dangerous chemicals in their blood.’
    • ‘But so far, there have only been isolated threats of litigation, and nothing like a city-level policy for how to cope with what might one day, perhaps, turn into a disastrous cancer cluster.’
    • ‘I received five studies from Mast Action Group UK all with evidence saying that there is a concentration of cancer clusters near mobile phone masts.’
    • ‘Zager says she decided to learn everything she could about oil wells, benzene, and cancer clusters.’
    • ‘Many of those who now find themselves in the cancer cluster were previously critical of what was going on at the Eastern side of the island, but how many of them could have suspected that the long term effects would be poisonous?’
    • ‘An investigation into the possibility of a cancer cluster in the Harborough Hill area of the town centre was launched last month after 20 deaths from the disease.’
    • ‘There is no evidence of a cancer cluster in the Fylingdales area, but the Yorkshire Cancer Register confirmed no research has yet been done in the area.’
    • ‘Already medical teams in the region have detected cancer clusters near the bomb sites.’
    • ‘Residents in Cappagh / Croagh believe the region is a cancer cluster as a result of industrial pollution.’
    • ‘The assurances come just a few weeks before the findings of another investigation into a separate feared cancer cluster in the town is revealed.’
    • ‘The Poisson distribution is the law suitable for tabulating radioactive decays, cancer clusters, tornado touchdowns, Web-server hits and, in a famous early example, deaths of cavalrymen by horse kicks.’
    • ‘It's difficult to identify a cancer cluster and also hard to demonstrate what causes it.’
    • ‘The authority also asked the councillors to accept the recommendation that close attention should be paid by the Government to the study of possible cancer clusters near a similar early warning station in Cape Cod, America.’
    • ‘With cancer clusters like this, it's difficult to nail down the exact cause and its effects.’
    • ‘In another part of the country, New York's Westchester and Suffolk counties and the state of New Jersey have appropriated funds to study areas near nuclear plants where cancer clusters are suspected.’
    • ‘The NRPB proposals are the first tightening up of the rules on placing power lines for almost a decade and have reignited the debate over the link between electromagnetic fields and cancer clusters.’