Definition of canary grass in US English:

canary grass


  • A tall grass of northwestern Africa and the Canary Islands, grown for its seeds which are fed to canaries and other caged finches.

    Genus Phalaris, family Gramineae: several species, in particular P. canariensis

    • ‘Fescue and reed canary grass have proven acceptable.’
    • ‘Despite his successes, Kenagy remains vexed by a plague of invasive plants - mainly canary grass and blackberries - that virtually dominate the understory on his farm's wild areas.’
    • ‘Mr Read, of New Farm, has planted trial crops of miscantus and canary grass with the aim of one day growing them on a commercial scale.’
    • ‘During migration, they can be found in dense, moist thickets, and in the winter, they inhabit grassy, weedy, and brushy areas, especially those with exotic reed canary grass, thistle, and blackberries, often near wetlands.’
    • ‘They are most common in wet, shrubby, lowland thickets, often frequenting introduced plants such as Scots broom and reed canary grass.’


canary grass

/kəˈnerē ˌɡras/