Definition of canaliculus in US English:


nounPlural canaliculi

  • A small channel or duct.

    • ‘Some posit that it crosses the membrane at the channel periphery or traverses the canaliculus.’
    • ‘The lacrimal drainage apparatus consists of the puncta on the upper lid and the lower lid, the canaliculi, the common canaliculus, the lacrimal sac, and the nasolacrimal duct.’
    • ‘Close inspection of the scans revealed an enlarged inferior tympanic canaliculus, an absent vertical carotid canal, a vascular prominence over the promontory and a normal horizontal intrapetrous carotid canal.’
    • ‘PPIs are lipophilic weak bases that cross the parietal cell membrane and enter the acidic parietal cell canaliculus.’
    • ‘The first step is to cannulate each canaliculus using a lacrimal duct probe.’