Definition of Canadian football in US English:

Canadian football


  • A form of football played in Canada, derived from rugby but now resembling American football. There are twelve players on a side.

    • ‘He has also choreographed the half-time entertainment at Canadian football games.’
    • ‘The only other sport even roughly similar to this is American and Canadian football as played in North America.’
    • ‘Give it a couple of years and I think Canadian football will be in much better shape.’
    • ‘In order to gain a grassroots appreciation of the Canadian football scene I have interviewed self-proclaimed football yokel Joe Klyne, who has played football since he was old enough to multiply by seven.’
    • ‘At a national level it has hosted a range of events and is home to baseball's Trappers, Canadian football's Eskimos and ice hockey's Oilers.’
    • ‘The rule is only applicable in Canadian football games.’
    • ‘It also has the homes of the Expos baseball team and the Alouettes Canadian football team, and soon will have the Canadiens.’
    • ‘Well, the same cannot be said about the management of these two Canadian football clubs.’
    • ‘When he came to town, we talked for almost two hours about American football and how Canadian football was better.’
    • ‘We'd just experienced the razzmatazz of Canadian football and third division football on cold, wet Saturday afternoons provided a stark contrast.’
    • ‘Lord Grey presented the Grey Cup for Canadian football and Lord Minto the Minto Cup for lacrosse.’
    • ‘In 1896 the size of the Canadian football field was set at 110 yards by 65 yards, it was also the year that the first rulebook was published by the CRU.’


Canadian football

/kəˌnādēən ˈfo͝otbôl/