Definition of Canadarm in US English:



  • The popular name for a robotic manipulation system designed for use in zero gravity. It has accompanied numerous space missions as a component on space shuttles.

    • ‘In total, there were five Canadarms built between April of 1981 and August of 1993.’
    • ‘After SPAR Aerospace sold NASA all the Canadarms that were needed, they looked around for another market.’
    • ‘For example, the Canadarm was twice used to recapture and then redeploy the Hubble Space Telescope.’
    • ‘This is a general contract for work on Canadarm and each work element has to be separately authorized.’
    • ‘On the end of one of the robotic Canadarms, Noguchi holds a washing machine-sized Gyroscope as it's transferred to the station to replace one that failed three years ago.’
    • ‘During the four servicing missions Canadarm supported 18 spacewalks for a total of over 129 hours of extra vehicular activity.’
    • ‘The Canadarm was declared ‘operational’ in November 1982 and has gone on to perform many missions.’
    • ‘MacLean, who is making his second space voyage, said two Canadarms - one on the shuttle and the other aboard the space station - will play big roles.’
    • ‘In return, NASA contracted to buy at least three more Canadarms from the prime contractor, Spar Aerospace of Toronto.’
    • ‘The ISS and Shuttle crews also performed a final rehearsal of the Airlock installation, moving both Canadarms in their planned trajectories.’
    • ‘It is anticipated that MD Robotics, the company that designed the two generations of Canadarms, will develop the final robot.’
    • ‘In this case, our old and new Canadarms have been construction cranes building an enormous space station.’
    • ‘The Canadarm 2 is a very important contribution from Canada, to the international Space station.’
    • ‘Four more Canadarms were built and delivered to NASA for three shuttles - Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavor - and are still being used today.’
    • ‘As part of the mission, MacLean took his first spacewalk and operated both Canadarms - one aboard the shuttle, the other aboard the space station.’
    • ‘Five Canadarms have been built and installed in the NASA Shuttles.’
    • ‘The largest space structures we've built in Canada are Canadarms 1 and 2, and those are, from a mechanical point of view, just long rigid tubes.’
    • ‘Operating the Canadarm may mean moving it very accurately and slowly over a distance of millimetres or it may mean moving it precisely over several metres at a very high speed.’
    • ‘On his display is an aluminum model of Canadarm with crossed Canadian-American flags.’
    • ‘‘The kinds of things we've seen Canadarm do are just the beginning,’ Ambrose said.’


1970s: blend of Canada (where it was manufactured) and arm.