Definition of Canada goose in US English:

Canada goose


  • A common North American goose with a black head and neck, a white chinstrap, and a loud, trumpeting call.

    Branta canadensis, family Anatidae

    • ‘The surrounding farm fields were full of Canada geese and mallards getting some last minute food before flying off to Black Dog lake for the night to roost.’
    • ‘The usual suspects were there, but I'm not inclined to go out of my way to see mallards, Canada geese, robins, and red-wings.’
    • ‘Despite its similarities to the Canada goose, the nene is a true Hawaiian down to its toes.’
    • ‘Inland airports are havens for other species like Canada geese and red-tailed hawks.’
    • ‘The green central island is inhabited by ducks, cormorants, Canada geese and other territorial waterfowl.’
    • ‘The typical concrete edge, the unhealthy pollution caused by too much sliced white bread and the overpowering dominance of aggressive species such as Canada geese and coots combine to turn them into lifeless wet deserts.’
    • ‘As long as water existed nearby for resting, birds like Canada geese, widgeon, and pintails often thrived in the irrigated countryside.’
    • ‘Finally, goose hunters may benefit from a late-December influx of Canada geese.’
    • ‘Surprisingly, all the Hawaiian geese were almost as closely related to two subspecies of Canada geese as they were to each other.’
    • ‘Eagles, tundra swans, Canada geese, and great blue herons visit its shallow edges and muddy islands to feed.’
    • ‘The marine coastline is extremely important to bird habitat and migration, and Ross's gulls, snow geese, Canada geese, ducks, and ptarmigan are abundant.’
    • ‘On nearby fields I watched flocks of lapwing, golden plover and Canada geese.’
    • ‘Songbirds and Canada geese become deprived of nutrients.’
    • ‘Its skies were often darkened by blizzards of snow geese and immense flocks of great blue herons, swans, diving ducks, terns, pintails, mallards, Canada geese, osprey, bald eagles and more.’
    • ‘Previous research with Canada geese and sandhill cranes has shown that birds led south by ultralight return the next spring.’
    • ‘Flying squirrels squeaked in the moonlight; a Canada goose honked.’
    • ‘He is sketching the greylag and Canada geese in York.’
    • ‘Often only one or two young survive locally following predation by crows and competition with Canada geese and grey-lag geese.’
    • ‘More than 218 species have been recorded on the reserve, including mallards, teal, widgin, great crested grebes, pochard, wild geese and Canada geese.’
    • ‘Prospects for white-fronted geese and Canada geese that visit Texas mirror the positive outlook for snow geese, Moser said.’


Canada goose

/ˈkanədə ɡo͞os//ˈkænədə ɡus/