Definition of Canada balsam in US English:

Canada balsam


  • A yellowish resin obtained from the balsam fir and used for mounting preparations on microscope slides.

    • ‘A thin section is a slice of rock 30 micrometres thick affixed to a glass plate or slide with a resin called Canada balsam.’
    • ‘Wings were dissected from adult flies, mounted in methylsalicylate and Canada balsam, and examined by brightfield microscopy with a Nikon Eclipse E800 microscope equipped with a x4 objective.’
    • ‘Serial sections of the main axis, again of 10 m, were stained with toluidine blue (0.05% (w/v) in benzoate buffer) and dried prior to mounting with Canada balsam.’
    • ‘Also, three recent annelid shells were longitudinally sectioned in Canada balsam, polished, and etched in 1% solution of acetic acid for two minutes for comparative shell structure study with SEM.’
    • ‘Fy thoraces were frozen in liquid nitrogen, longitudinally bisected with a razor blade, dehydrated through an alcohol series and then cleared in methyl salicylate and mounted in Canada balsam / DPX.’
    • ‘A cover slip was mounted over the preparations using Canada balsam.’
    • ‘The branchiobdellidans were dehydrated in a graded ethanol series, cleared in methyl salicylate, and then each individual was mounted in Canada balsam on a separate slide.’
    • ‘Then, after removing the coverslips, the slides were dehydrated with 70, 90 and 96% alcohol, treated with xylene and mounted in Canada balsam.’
    • ‘Purkinje was the first to make glass slide mounts with Canada balsam.’
    • ‘The tissue was then immobilized in either cork or wax and the tissue section mounted onto a glass slide using gum, glycerin, Venetian turpentine, and/or Canada balsam.’