Definition of campanology in English:



  • The art or practice of bell-ringing.

    • ‘He enjoyed several sports, skiing, and horse riding as well as campanology.’
    • ‘As well as symphonies he wrote books on astronomy and campanology.’
    • ‘Thus was he able to perceive connections between such seemingly disparate aspects of music as plainsong, electronics, extended piano techniques and campanology.’
    • ‘Gissing refers to Haweis's work on campanology in a letter to his brother William on 26 February 1880.’
    • ‘Think of the etiquette of gambling casinos on display in the James Bond series or the erudition about everything from campanology to advertising agencies in Dorothy Sayers's Peter Wimsey books.’


Mid 19th century: from modern Latin campanologia, from late Latin campana ‘bell’.