Definition of camp meeting in US English:

camp meeting


North American
  • A religious meeting held in the open air or in a tent, often lasting several days.

    • ‘Another perilous incident occurred at a camp meeting near San Marcos.’
    • ‘If you're a nondenominational Protestant whose main experience of men of the cloth comes from camp meetings, Bible studies, and altar calls, the sight is even stranger.’
    • ‘A tent on the outskirts of the refugee camp was staffed by religious personnel who had a nightly assembly, a camp meeting.’
    • ‘In the fall of 1847, he was converted in a camp meeting held at Bluff Springs, Tennessee.’
    • ‘Many of the rural people who attended camp meetings heard an organ played for the first time, and they were delighted with the experience.’
    • ‘Beginning in 1875, Penn organized camp meetings and found great pleasure and self-satisfaction in leading these meetings.’
    • ‘This last week I was listening to Adrian Dennis, a pastor from the Grand Canyon in Arizona, at a camp meeting.’
    • ‘From August 7 to 12 we will be going to the original location of Victoria Settlement for a great cooperative evangelical camp meeting.’
    • ‘Some historians have compared this meeting to the Cane Ridge camp meeting that took place in 1801.’
    • ‘Diggs remembers Mackall, his mother, and siblings singing in churches and at camp meetings across Calvert County.’
    • ‘Pike contextualizes the phenomenon of Neopagan festivals by pointing to other historical forms of religious gathering, such as evangelical camp meetings and spiritualist conventions.’
    • ‘Its class meetings, love feasts, and camp meetings were major engines of revivalism.’
    • ‘Other celebrations include the Root Festival the first week of May and the Talmaks celebration, which consists of an early summer camp meeting sponsored by the Presbyterian church.’
    • ‘Barton Stone, one of the founders of the camp meeting movement that revolutionized Baptist life in the American South, encountered conversion testimonies first among Virginia Baptists.’
    • ‘They are as American as the Fourth of July, these sensationalist preachers who nowadays crowd the TV screen and in earlier days brought thousands into camp meetings.’
    • ‘As adherents grew in number, spiritualist camp meetings began to be common, and some groups established permanent spiritualist centers.’
    • ‘In August 1832, Captain Auld experiences religion in a Methodist camp meeting.’
    • ‘For example, in 1836 his camp meeting revival at Broad Ripple (later Indianapolis) was threatened by Irish canal workmen.’
    • ‘During a camp meeting in 1819, Zilpha Elaw became convinced that she had been called to preach the gospel.’
    • ‘In July 2004, Carter celebrated his fiftieth year as an ordained minister by serving as the keynote speaker at its annual camp meeting.’


camp meeting

/kamp ˈmēdiNG/