Definition of camo in US English:



  • as modifier ‘a camo jacket’
    short for camouflage
    • ‘I already had on my urban camo pants and a white T-shirt.’
    • ‘The camo stock is an exact duplicate of the design McMillan sold to go on the original rifles and is equipped with aluminum bedding blocks.’
    • ‘They're niche patterns that have specific uses in specific places, and a camo that's geared to your area may be a good seller in your marketplace.’
    • ‘We see the same camo applied to footwear in countless ways.’
    • ‘James dispatched the two zombies, both bearing military camo, and turned his attention back to survival.’
    • ‘The camo clad marine dove on the ground, dodging my shot.’
    • ‘Other camouflage accessories include camo tape and other items that will help hide a shotgun.’
    • ‘You place an air-activated heat packet in a camo sack that wraps and laces around the outside of the toe of your boot.’
    • ‘The insulated camo overalls you bought for your Christmas deer hunt last year aren't going to cut it for your August coyote hunt this year.’
    • ‘Guards in black boots and camo and khaki patrolled the area with M - 16 machine guns.’
    • ‘With a roar the camo Humvee pulled out of the parking lot, leaving only dust behind.’
    • ‘I finally decided on a camouflage, ripped skirt, a black spaghetti-strap top, and a camo bandana in my hair.’
    • ‘In under an hour they had set their camp up 50 meters from the concrete pad and erected a camo net to shield themselves from wandering eyes.’
    • ‘Smith sees that one is wearing a black Patagonia Gore-Tex jacket under his camo vest and a high-tech rucksack with a German label.’
    • ‘UPS made and unexpected stop today with a box from Eagle Optics and inside is a camo hat to go with my Stokes binoculars.’
    • ‘Donning a jean miniskirt and a camo cropped top, I spiked my short hair and ran downstairs for breakfast.’
    • ‘Next goes the camo guy and the woman with the tight jeans.’
    • ‘Bowhunters are avid consumers of camo clothing and other camo products.’
    • ‘He had dark brown eyes with black camo paint all across his face in traditional military fashion.’
    • ‘‘People like camo, so we offer our stocks in both camo and in the standard black finish,’ Hall says.’