Definition of cami in US English:


nounPlural camis

  • A camisole.

    • ‘What I did was simply wear lower-cut tops and camis with a regular underwire bra.’
    • ‘I got dressed into some jeans, a pink cami, and a pair of pink Converses.’
    • ‘‘Here try this on,’ said Hailey throwing a short jean skirt and a turquoise cami, by Tommy Hilfiger, with blue and green lace for the straps.’
    • ‘She pulled out a white lace cami just when she felt two hands on her waist.’
    • ‘The finest laces, satins and silk prints have been combined to create a functional yet flatteringly feminine treasure of knickers, bras and camis.’
    • ‘I hit Banana Republic and got three skirts, a top with a cami underneath, and the best pair of pen striped pants ever.’
    • ‘With that, he lay down on the blanket beside her and gently parted the wool fabric of her sweater to reveal a white cami.’
    • ‘I get out of bed before Carter and shower and dress quickly, this time in the black cami and slacks.’
    • ‘His gaze traveled downwards, and suddenly I felt exposed in my cami and shorts.’
    • ‘Del got to her feet and pulled Keaton's sweatshirt on over her cami, shoving her hands into the pouch as she opened her door, deciding on a midnight snack.’
    • ‘The camis are so pretty you'll wish you could wear them out.’
    • ‘I slipped on a pair of denim shorts and a plan green cami.’
    • ‘I settle on my light blue moon pajama pants and a simple thin white cami.’
    • ‘When she emerged, clad in thin sweatpants and a powder blue cami, the pizza was already on the counter.’
    • ‘The same could be said for Reve Avoix lingerie, a new collection of cheeky knee-highs, peekaboo panties, camis, and hosiery.’
    • ‘All thoroughly tested by founder and fellow A-cupper Kristen Jilek, the goods featured - from brassieres of all kinds to camis and swimwear - fit A, AA, and even AAA women.’
    • ‘And so, Friday came and I got dressed in a cute blue cami and tight jeans.’
    • ‘She was rather petite and wore a reddish orange cami with a black jacket.’
    • ‘I immediately went upstairs to Julie's bedroom still dressed in her satin cami, half-slip, bra and panties.’
    • ‘Shrugging my shoulders, I pulled on my pink Pink Panther pants and a pink cami.’