Definition of cameraperson in US English:



  • A cameraman or camerawoman (used as a neutral alternative).

    • ‘I was sent with a cameraperson to the Democratic Convention in Detroit.’
    • ‘There is not a lot of depth or detail to the picture, but then again, the recording equipment limited the amount that the directors and camerapersons were able to capture.’
    • ‘Early on he felt uneasy about his role as a cameraperson filming vulnerable people in very tumultuous situations, undecided over whether he was exploring or exploiting.’
    • ‘My plan involves me videotaping my own isolation on the atoll, but Explorer also wants to send a second cameraperson for a portion of my trip.’
    • ‘All the crew is new - from the cameraperson to the art director and, of course, the actress.’
    • ‘The cameraperson, presumed to be Oiticica, records carefree moments in the lives of the young gay men gathered on the meadows of Central Park.’
    • ‘‘I have seen boys as old as me working in harsh conditions,’ says cameraperson Sudhir.’
    • ‘Still the luminous Indian beauty was posing for assorted media camerapersons, TV channels included.’
    • ‘We were followed by a flock of reporters and camerapersons from around the world, most of them wearing their bulletproof vests with a hastily attached ‘TV’ sign on the front.’
    • ‘The possibilities are endless, since everyone with a video-enabled phone could be a reporter or cameraperson.’
    • ‘Filmmaker Jonathan Karsh and his cameraperson, Amanda Micheli, were given a year's access to the family.’
    • ‘After all, there was always a cameraperson lurking around to give directions.’
    • ‘After that I worked at a Spanish TV station for two years, as a cameraperson and as a director of news.’
    • ‘John Castello was Grigg's cameraperson in Arizona.’
    • ‘During that time, no matter whether the reporter tried to walk over to speak to either the photographer or the cameraperson, the police would block her and tell her: ‘It is not your turn to speak.’’
    • ‘Reporters and camerapersons are going out into the countryside much more than they used to.’
    • ‘There are loads of careers behind the camera in TV from cameraperson to producer, make-up artist to researcher.’
    • ‘Correspondents headed four-person crews that included a producer, cameraperson, and sound technician.’
    • ‘A host of camerapersons rushed towards the superstar, who had come along with his wife Jaya to witness her being sworn in.’
    • ‘When his usual cameraperson opts out of the trip, he notes this is out of concern for ‘self-preservation.’’