Definition of camera-ready in US English:



  • 1Having an appearance which is likely to be attractive in photographs or on film; photogenic.

    ‘his camera-ready smile’
    ‘she arrived camera-ready in a long, cream-colored skirt and matching sweater’
  • 2(of matter to be printed) in the right form and of good enough quality to be reproduced photographically onto a printing plate.

    ‘camera-ready copy’
    • ‘Authors nowadays produce their own as camera-ready copy or get someone else to do so.’
    • ‘Worse yet, in those days our typesetting equipment could not handle Hebrew fonts, and so they had to leave blank spaces in the camera-ready copy and then paste in Hebrew words that had been photocopied from the Victorian original.’
    • ‘The Editorial Office of The Auk became the Production Office in July, 2002, producing The Auk in camera-ready format.’
    • ‘A. The majority of the artwork was camera-ready.’
    • ‘I'm using it for my book so I can send it to them essentially camera-ready.’
    • ‘This is the eighth and final volume of camera-ready documents edited by the distinguished but long-retired former Reader in Commonwealth Government, A. F. Madden.’
    • ‘We use 4-colour process film, if you will be supplying camera-ready artwork.’
    • ‘A camera-ready manuscript should be a red flag for evaluating the quality of a book.’
    • ‘But to me, they looked exactly like pieces of pre-Macintosh camera-ready mechanical artwork, the kinds of things I saw every day of the first 10 years of my professional life.’
    • ‘The Bulletin is not reproduced from camera-ready copy.’
    • ‘I didn't know anything about actual layout and camera-ready art.’