Definition of Camelot in US English:


proper noun

  • 1(in Arthurian legend) the place where King Arthur held his court.

    1. 1.1as noun a Camelot A place associated with glittering romance and optimism.
      • ‘All we have are the myths, the images, their particular Camelots that say particular things about our two countries.’
      • ‘Over the centuries, the hill became in folk memory a sort of Bulgarian Camelot and is now a revered national historic site.’
      • ‘The Camelots of higher education and cinema studies are repeatedly pelted by a wide, devious variety of assault weapons: distance learning, work speed-ups, part-timer labor, budget cutbacks.’
      • ‘His death in 1631 marked the end of this glittering Italian Camelot.’
      • ‘Camelots come up and go down.’