Definition of camel spider in US English:

camel spider


  • another term for sun spider
    • ‘Also on his page are pictures of a large tenebrionid beetle and a camel spider.’
    • ‘I researched camel spiders and discovered that they're not just spiders, they're kind of a half spider/half scorpion creature.’
    • ‘Here's the lowdown on camel spiders, which aren't spiders at all.’
    • ‘The pictures of the scorpions, spiders and camel spiders are great.’
    • ‘Every night we find a bigger camel spider and the Marines gather around and say ‘Wow, that's the biggest one I've ever seen‘.’
    • ‘The list of prohibited pets includes grasshoppers, lizards, and camel spiders.’
    • ‘There was the local wildlife, including notorious camel spiders, which have a nasty bite and a habit of crawling into discarded boots or trousers where they lay in wait for the unwary.’
    • ‘Deadly hand-sized camel spiders were common.’
    • ‘They were impressed by the camel spider and promised to bring me some critters tomorrow.’
    • ‘Just how big are the camel spiders?’
    • ‘She picked up the towel to find a huge camel spider sheltering underneath.’