Definition of camel hair in US English:

camel hair

(also camel's hair)


  • 1A fabric made from the hair of a camel.

    as modifier ‘a camel-hair coat’
    • ‘Do not treat the camel hair as you would the horse hair.’
    • ‘He even models a modified camel hair topcoat in his latest ad campaign.’
    • ‘During those brief months, I developed an appreciation of the artistry with which he approached his work and a deep respect for the care he lavished on each pile of camel hair or alpaca that passed under his mechanized needle.’
    • ‘Rinpoche had taken me shopping earlier in the day and had bought me a beige camel hair suit, so at least I didn't get married in one of my hippie caftans.’
    • ‘The Prince, who was wearing a camel-hair overcoat, kept his hands firmly in his pockets as Mrs Parker Bowles, dressed in a dark suit, long charcoal grey scarf and a pearl necklace, walked at his side.’
    • ‘The masseur will rub you down with a kese, a cloth usually made of rough, bristly camel hair.’
    • ‘He lived in the wilderness, wore clothes made of camel hair, and ate locusts and wild honey.’
    • ‘The large man was dressed in a rough camel hair tunic bound by a large leather girdle and his hair and beard seemed to explode from his head.’
    • ‘Ah, to be young and wearing a camel hair coat in the East Village on a Friday night.’
    • ‘Ever since biblical times, men have relied on camel hair to strike distinctive profiles.’
    • ‘He managed a thank you and split, passing through an eternity of camel-hair coats and herring bone patterns and big wide polka-dot ties.’
    • ‘He was a kind of VIP executive with designer dark glasses, a camel hair coat and a mobile phone.’
    • ‘Notable handmade products include silver and gold jewelry, woven baskets, goat- and camel-hair rugs, swords and large pottery water jugs.’
    • ‘I'd probably find out as soon as the camel-hair sports coat made it to the bar.’
    • ‘My father had had a massive, fifth heart attack and when we picked him up at his house he was wearing a raincoat, single-breasted with a full button-in camel's hair liner, and under it a suit, tie and scarf.’
    • ‘Sancho leaves for his island astride a mule, wearing a loose fitting red camel hair coat and matching hat, accompanied by a great many servants.’
    • ‘She can see him leaving the house that morning, sweater peeking out from under a camel hair coat, and his wife smiling to herself, pleased he has worn her gift.’
    • ‘Every so often, beautifully manicured Italian gentlemen wearing camel-hair overcoats and carrying expensive leather briefcases would visit Tony, and Sharon would go out to visit friends.’
    • ‘Davey Graham, with his dapper camel hair overcoat and polka dot scarf, was last seen full of life and loving it.’
    • ‘All the designs come in materials ranging from camel hair, grain lambskin and flannel to wool and cashmere.’
  • 2usually as modifier Fine, soft hair from a squirrel's tail, used in artists' brushes.

    • ‘The lithography tool of choice in the late 1950s was a camel-hair brush that operators used to paint wax gates.’
    • ‘He may not be Harrison Ford, but neither is he a stereotypical academic spending his life kneeling in a trench with a camel-hair brush.’
    • ‘Using a camel's hair brush, a female was first placed on the flower substrate and allowed to acclimate for 5 minutes.’
    • ‘He also tried to irritate them with a camel-hair brush, bits of quill, and dry cinder.’
    • ‘May I suggest a scroll of parchment inscribed with ink using a fine camel-hair brush, delivered to me by a caravan train of nomads riding a pace of finely groomed donkeys?’


camel hair

/ˈkaməl he(ə)r//ˈkæməl hɛ(ə)r/