Definition of cambial in US English:



  • See cambium

    • ‘On well-aerated soils, transpiration may play a vital role in supplying oxygen to xylem and inner cambial zones during the growing season.’
    • ‘As revealed by light microscopy observations, the cambial region comprised the cambium, immature phloem, and immature xylem cells.’
    • ‘This layer is usually referred to as the ‘stripes of cell wall residues’ and originates from crushed cambial cells and cambial derivatives on both sides of the cambium.’
    • ‘The first pattern is related to the differentiation of the cambial derivatives to either xylem or phloem through periclinal segmentations.’
    • ‘A small block containing phloem, the cambial zone and two or three annual rings was punched out with a knife and chisel.’