Definition of cam girl in US English:

cam girl


  • A girl or woman who poses for a webcam.

    • ‘No, I am not going to become a camgirl.’
    • ‘The sequence of pictures presented to us could either be the best or the worst day of the camgirl's life, and we might never know, as the cam captures everything in the same way.’
    • ‘Turns out that it's the site of a camgirl, or in this case I suppose camwoman.’
    • ‘The website lets viewers vote for their favourite camgirl and ranks them accordingly.’
    • ‘Craig takes control of the image by allowing this incursion into very private spaces, much as many camgirls do.’
    • ‘Most worryingly, the majority of young British camgirls we contacted said their parents were unaware of their online activities, and few seemed to understand the risks inherent in these dubious transactions.’
    • ‘Collectively they became known as "cam girls".’
    • ‘I'm a camgirl.’
    • ‘The camgirls feel comfortable there; they can organize their time as they wish, and the space lends an air of ‘peeping tom’ authenticity to fulfill the viewer/voyeur's desire.’
    • ‘I am very, very close to becoming a cam girl, and soliciting perverts to buy me a gaming console.’
    • ‘Alexa, a 15-year-old camgirl explained that she would not tell her parents about her site, as it would make her ‘hold back’ in her online diary.’


cam girl

/ˈkam ˌɡərl/