Definition of Calvados in US English:


(also calvados)


  • Apple brandy, traditionally made in the Calvados region of Normandy.

    • ‘This day there was no mistaking a French influence in the food and beverages, and Pryor savored every sip of a glass of Calvados, a fine apple brandy made in Normandy.’
    • ‘With their Moroccan lamb patties, ostrich fillets in Calvados, their monkfish and parma ham kebabs, the kitchen certainly has aspiration.’
    • ‘It wasn't exactly Calvados, but it was good enough.’
    • ‘Hens scurried in tiny apple orchards amid signs advertising Calvados and farm cider.’
    • ‘There's also hot apple cider with Calvados for the adults, and minted hot chocolate for the children to help warm up frosty fingers and bright red cheeks.’
    • ‘We wrote back to Smee and asked him if it were true that he gave away bottles of Calvados and pasta making machines but he did not choose to dignify our questions with a response.’
    • ‘I had chosen the pork with an apple Calvados sauce, and the wine went with it very well.’
    • ‘There was no time to make light of the incident over a glass of Calvados and it was to be another 40 years before she and the family were to linger over a digestif together.’
    • ‘The food was pretty good too, washed down with Chateau La Tour and the estate's own Calvados.’
    • ‘Panettone has enough fruit in it for me, but you could add some raisins that have been soaked in rum or Calvados to make it extra special.’
    • ‘I indulged in some very fine Calvados and picked up a Cohiba about seven inches long.’
    • ‘Then they distilled Calvados from the cider, which is pretty strong.’
    • ‘The high cocoa butterfat content is revealed at its best in her truffles, whose rich centres may contain Calvados, pistachio, cardamom, raspberries, and toasted Szechuan peppercorns.’
    • ‘She herself rather enjoyed the tang of aged Calvados, and returned from her kitchen with a tray that glittered with full-lead crystal and sterling silver.’
    • ‘Once the cider was sweet and syrupy, I added some folded crêpes, a pour of Calvados, and voila!’
    • ‘Place the apples and currants in a plastic bag, douse with Calvados and allow to steep in refrigerator overnight.’
    • ‘Take away the visuals and you're sitting on a school table paying for rosemary infused Calvados with fig infused tequila when you'd much rather have a mojito.’
    • ‘Normandy, the orchard of France, is the home of Calvados - a fact that should not be overlooked in the wine spree.’
    • ‘I quietly told the manager about my disappointment with this dish and he graciously took it off of the bill whilst providing complimentary glasses of Calvados for our entire party of four.’
    • ‘I put the spoon in the sink, the carton into the freezer, and opened a pouch of Calvados from my drinks box.’