Definition of calumniation in US English:



  • See calumniate

    • ‘He refused, for example, to participate in the blanket calumniation of Loyalists, and of all things British.’
    • ‘His public calumniation of Adams seems the more insane considering his openly expressed opinion that, in the next election, to support Adams and Pinckney is the only thing that can possibly save us from the fangs of Jefferson.’
    • ‘The reasons and personalities behind the calumniation of him as a coward for nearly four years would surely be newsworthy.’
    • ‘For that, the stock comparison would be to chipmunks, animated or natural, but that would be a calumniation of our chipmunk brethren.’
    • ‘If we were to shine light on some of modern society's shortcomings, the act of calumniation would definitely be in the ranking, if not in the top five.’