Definition of calorie-controlled in US English:



  • Denoting or suitable for a diet in which a limit is set on the total number of calories that may be consumed.

    ‘a calorie-controlled meal plan’
    ‘we also make products such as fat-free yogurt for people on calorie-controlled diets’
    • ‘The choice of foods is more restricted and there are more side effects than with a low-fat, calorie-controlled diet.’
    • ‘Sian Porter, a dietician, said strict, calorie-controlled diets often make people feel bored, deprived and depressed.’
    • ‘Your only workout will be a simple calorie-controlled program that's heavy on vegetables, generous on protein, and light on starchy carbs.’
    • ‘Eat a healthy, calorie-controlled diet - and take some exercise.’
    • ‘Treatment can only be prescribed if you can demonstrate weight loss on a calorie-controlled diet first.’
    • ‘Calorie-controlled diets have a high failure rate.’
    • ‘Whenever Abi and I try to slim down, we go for a simple calorie-controlled diet: 1500 calories a day.’
    • ‘Obese women on calorie-controlled diets who exercised at least 200 minutes each week lost nearly 14 percent of their total body weight.’
    • ‘We've had to put them all on strict calorie-controlled diets in a bid to get them down to a normal weight.’
    • ‘Lots of people could be helped by having a daily calorie-controlled package.’