Definition of calmness in English:



  • 1The state or quality of being free from agitation or strong emotion.

    ‘those who worked with him refer time and again to his calmness under pressure’
    ‘she exuded calmness and good humor’
    • ‘The momentary outburst had subsided to be replaced with the old calmness and placidity.’
    • ‘"I await your humble apology to my honor," he said, forcing a false calmness on himself.’
    • ‘His smile was a little more genuine than her mask of calmness.’
    • ‘I called out, abandoning all pretenses of calmness now.’
    • ‘There was really nothing else to do, he reasoned, with a calmness that he did not really feel.’
    • ‘His firm calmness was more than slightly unnerving.’
    • ‘Her eyes flew to the partly opened door and whatever calmness had been within her was gone.’
    • ‘My voice remained stable and I was astonished at my own calmness toward the situation.’
    • ‘Her calmness disappeared into her usual anger.’
    • ‘His surprise was quickly replaced with anger, then the usual cool calmness.’
  • 2The state or condition of being free from disturbance or violent activity.

    ‘this relative calmness ended at around 7 a.m., when the wind picked up speed’
    • ‘Most people here remember the past few decades of relative calmness and stability, but with a strong overtone of fear.’
    • ‘If you consider the work as is progresses over time, you can see a clear movement toward calmness, simplicity, and finally silence.’
    • ‘The calmness of the drifting clouds seemed to mock his frantic efforts.’
    • ‘The wounded whale dives, and there is a long time of calmness, as the men wait for him to resurface.’
    • ‘I felt annoyed at the closeness of the mountains and the calmness of the village.’
    • ‘What matters is the calmness of that plain, rather ugly little garden at that time of day.’
    • ‘It took a long time before the forest returned to its usual calmness.’
    • ‘Their singing is wonderfully mellow, noble, and, at the same time, devout, creating an atmosphere of calmness and reflection.’
    • ‘It's easier not to fall for all the hype in the calmness of your own home.’
    • ‘I looked up to the light streaming across the sky, and then down to the darkness with its shattered calmness.’