Definition of calligraphic in US English:



  • Relating to calligraphy.

    ‘a calligraphic pen’
    ‘calligraphic script’
    • ‘‘Untitled Passages by Henri Michaux’ is an extensive survey of calligraphic works on paper by the Belgian poet and artist, who died in 1984.’
    • ‘While older students were creating fish banners, hats, lanterns, fans and calligraphic signs for the Chinese New Year, first graders looked at a favorite Asian animal: the panda bear.’
    • ‘Although a calligraphic inkbrush drawing David Smith dedicated to Van Horne in 1959 is here, his sculpture is not, nor do we find any canvases by Greenberg's great protege Morris Louis.’
    • ‘Because traditional critical discourse privileged spirit and brushwork over form-likeness, Chinese art historiography has consistently valued calligraphic expressiveness over mimesis.’
    • ‘Unraveled scrolls of ancient calligraphic writing cluttered the open floor, and watercolor tapestries of jungle temples hung on the otherwise barren wall.’
    • ‘Poetry led to calligraphy in both the scripts and explorations of calligraphic space led to architecture.’
    • ‘He became interested in Chinese calligraphic ink drawings that he calls Chinese Li.’
    • ‘‘Now you've made me lose my place,’ grumbled Erul as he searched the many columns in calligraphic print lining the page.’
    • ‘The handsome, calligraphic script corresponds visually with Vega's unfettered strokes of paint, adding to the formal interest of these works.’
    • ‘Next is inserted a section containing the wavy watermark decoration that often accompanies calligraphic verses, followed by the preface to the Su Tongpo poem.’
    • ‘His calligraphic pieces penned after age forty-nine are considered to be divine art.’
    • ‘Despite their cultic significance, these mostly later portraits are generally valued only as documents of historical subjects, for their calligraphic inscriptions, or for an occasional artist's signature.’
    • ‘Carl E. Kurtz, a professor at Kansas City Art Institute, uses his virtuoso calligraphic skills to create works that call up everything from illuminated manuscripts to German Fraktur wedding certificates.’
    • ‘I'd used quills before, and would much rather use a ballpoint or even a modern calligraphic pen.’
    • ‘A week or so after my review of Surprises of the Sun, I received a note from McAuley, in his fastidious handwriting, where each angular letter of each word was crafted as a calligraphic masterpiece.’
    • ‘As an inheritor of the Chinese calligraphic technique, which he had learned from the age of 5, he used the symbols and drew small characters in silhouette, standing out on a flat surface.’
    • ‘Caroline minuscule, especially in its calligraphic English form, formed the basis of Protogothic book script.’
    • ‘On the walls to the left of the path were calligraphic inscriptions naming each city and to the right were extensive labels that provided background information for each city.’
    • ‘In compiling these texts, he developed a new calligraphic script.’
    • ‘Doremi drew near to the sign to see that, in an attractive calligraphic script, it read, "For Sale."’