Definition of call waiting in US English:

call waiting


  • A service whereby someone making a telephone call is notified of an incoming call and is able to place the first call on hold while answering the second.

    • ‘The call waiting beeped in as we were talking and it was the policeman who found her address book and cell phone.’
    • ‘You also might want to disable the call waiting for your telephone line.’
    • ‘Conversations overlap as each character jumps back and forth, using call waiting and passing phones among each other, carrying on multiple conversations simultaneously.’
    • ‘But like caller ID and call waiting, once people start using them, they won't get by without them.’
    • ‘Do you really need call waiting, privacy manager and wire maintenance service?’
    • ‘She didn't wait for an answer, but there was a click from her end of the line, and a helpful mechanical voice told him ‘You are on call waiting.’’
    • ‘To avoid the disruption, most users suspend call waiting while they are online, sometimes missing important phone calls.’
    • ‘You might also want to cut out special services, like call waiting, three-way calling, and caller ID, which can save you as much as $30 a month.’
    • ‘It was an office phone, complete with eight lines, call waiting, hold buttons, and music.’
    • ‘Still consulting with finance, the CEO is interrupted by the persistent beep of call waiting.’
    • ‘Accumulate as many subscribers as possible and then start selling them services such as voice mail, call waiting, and follow-me calls.’
    • ‘It allows for things like call waiting and voice mail and is the springboard for Internet-ready capabilities.’
    • ‘VOIP offers all the options that callers are used to using such as call waiting, caller ID, unified messaging, directory services and vertical-specific applications.’
    • ‘The changes could also see increases on special phone features like call waiting and caller identification, while international calls will be cut in some cases by as much as 30 or 40 per cent.’
    • ‘‘For example, you can toggle back and forth between push-to-talk and call waiting,’ suggests Lawler.’
    • ‘Caelyn was about to reply with some smart comment, when her call waiting went off.’
    • ‘That's probably because the pre-paid cards also offer value-added services such as caller-ID, call waiting and even voicemail and roaming services.’
    • ‘It provides services that only a phone network cares about: call waiting, caller ID and lots of other stuff that phone companies like to sell.’
    • ‘Having completed that, providers next brought subscribers popular wireline features such as call waiting.’
    • ‘A single phone line with caller ID, call waiting and three-way calling will cost 830 a month.’


call waiting

/ˌkɔl ˈweɪdɪŋ//ˌkôl ˈwādiNG/