Definition of call something up in US English:

call something up

phrasal verb

  • 1Summon for use something that is stored or kept available.

    ‘icons that allow you to call up a graphic’
    • ‘She calls up the XML version of the document in a structured editor on the left of the browser window.’
    • ‘So I called up my credit file and went through all 40 pages of it.’
    • ‘Once the customer has made a decision, the salesman calls up a three-dimensional image on his computer screen.’
    • ‘Greg calls up the webpage and gets the tech support number.’
    • ‘It predicts what data the program is going to need next and calls it up ahead of time, storing the received but as-yet-unrequired data in main memory.’
    • ‘Its details are logged on a card which the user takes away and the horse's details can be called up to be raced when the card is inserted into a machine.’
    • ‘Digitally-enabled sports fans can select particular camera angles, or call up on-screen menus containing all kinds of background nuggets.’
    • ‘Onscreen icons launch programs with a click, and a movable tool bar calls up menus listing everyday programs.’
    • ‘To make matters worse, online links to sites offering more information simply called up error pages.’
    • ‘Detailed maps can be called up on screens and geographical intelligence deployed to officers.’
    1. 1.1 Evoke something.
      ‘the special effects that called up the Mars landscape were impressive’
      • ‘The metaphor calls up a vision of the artist's studio as the site of learning and experimentation.’
      • ‘Kearney began now to call up a vision in the future, as a moment before he had called up one of the past.’
      • ‘The vegan diet usually calls up images of austerity and abstention.’
      • ‘Nostalgia sells; people love to listen to music that calls those memories up.’
      • ‘‘Home for the holidays’ is an often-used phrase this time of year, calling up images of friends and family gathered together to celebrate old traditions.’
      • ‘The opening movement, for flute and strings, calls up the lonely hills.’
      • ‘The proposal is steeped in the language of agricultural protection, calling up images of an agriculture frozen in time.’
      • ‘While no, I can't say that I've seen this exact storyline unfold before, I can say that it never stops calling up memories of other shows.’