Definition of call something in in US English:

call something in

phrasal verb

  • Require payment of a loan or promise of money.

    ‘the bank would call in loans and foreign donations’
    • ‘Such a loss, it is argued, would prompt America's creditors to start calling in the debt.’
    • ‘Workers who took out preferential loans to buy cars will be badly hit if their loans are called in by the firm's liquidators.’
    • ‘Our losses were so high that our loans were called in.’
    • ‘Our social club owed the brewery money and they were calling it in.’
    • ‘His employer, hearing of his speeches, sacked him as his steward and called in unpaid debts.’
    • ‘Others blame the owners of established resorts, who may have pressed banks to call in loans to their red-hot competitor.’
    • ‘Bolivia was told that if coca production didn't cease entirely by 2000, aid packages would stop and the loans would be called in.’
    • ‘The only circumstances in which they could call in all outstanding debts would be in the event of their own disbandment.’
    • ‘His biggest lender had just called in its loan.’
    • ‘The bank was on the brink of calling in the debt.’