Definition of call something forth in US English:

call something forth

phrasal verb

  • Elicit a response.

    ‘few things call forth more compassion’
    • ‘Her memory is astounding, calling forth an endless stream of anecdotes.’
    • ‘Lower manning levels have called forth the need for more flexible job descriptions so that fewer employees can cover all the previous jobs.’
    • ‘To any professional pianist the name Maurice Hinson calls forth a number of images: meticulous scholar, prolific author, inspiring lecturer.’
    • ‘Today, many of the jokes are dated, but the raucous satirical tone still hits a nerve and calls forth countless contemporary associations.’
    • ‘A meal high in carbs calls forth a rush of insulin which can overshoot the required amount, lowering blood glucose too much, making you hungry again.’
    • ‘Sometimes even the most harmless remark about America would call forth very sharp replies from him.’
    • ‘The setting and circumstances on the island call forth the ideas of departure, regret, and the allure of the superficial.’
    • ‘This was the use of psychology in economics that, when it was employed by Proudhon, called forth a rebuke from Marx!’
    • ‘The rise of essentially trivial pastimes should not call forth a moral panic.’
    • ‘The situations she chooses make for dramatic scenarios that call forth genuine emotional responses.’