Definition of call someone or something to witness in US English:

call someone or something to witness


  • Appeal or refer to someone or something for confirmation or evidence of something.

    ‘his hands extended upward as if to call the heavens to witness this injustice’
    • ‘Those expressive black eyes seem to violently call the visitor to witness.’
    • ‘The gods of Olympus know this sort of binding oath between them, which calls the infernal rivers to witness.’
    • ‘Jesus has opened the kingdom of heaven and called his church to witness to his love.’
    • ‘Henry saw how the currency of his work might be delayed, and that its meaning might emerge in the way it is called to witness an age when a South Pacific nation might feel the urge to realise itself as a republic.’
    • ‘The hand position or mudra, which is most often associated with Shakyamuni Buddha, is ‘calling the earth to witness.’’
    • ‘The classical iconographic representation of the Buddha's realization shows him touching the earth with his right hand, and calling the earth to witness his attainment.’
    • ‘The Bible calls us to witness to and to serve the religious other as neighbor.’
    • ‘The people of Israel learned a lesson about living a glorious life: God calls us to witness divine glory.’
    • ‘As such, Christians are called to witness to the faith that is in them concerning the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.’
    • ‘He never called me to witness the miracle and finally informed me that he'd been instructed not to communicate with persons who were not ‘in’ the movement.’