Definition of call money in US English:

call money


  • Money lent by a bank or other institution that is repayable on demand.

    • ‘In the meantime, you are vulnerable to a short squeeze, margin calls, or having your position liquidated if you don't come up with the call money.’
    • ‘The central bank decided to cut the target rate for unsecured overnight call money by 0.10 percent to around 0.15 percent and to cut the official discount rate by 0.10 percent to a record low of 0.25 percent.’
    • ‘Under the policy adopted February 12 last year, the bank has been steering the target rate for unsecured overnight call money as low as possible to prop up economic activity.’
    • ‘The bank decided at its Policy Board meeting Wednesday to trim both the official discount rate and the more closely watched target rate for overnight call money by 0.1 percentage point, effective Thursday.’
    • ‘Though nominal interest rates had fallen, the trend seems to have reversed as measured by call money and Treasury bill rates.’


call money

/ˈkôl ˈˌmənē/