Definition of call attention to in US English:

call attention to


  • Cause people to notice.

    ‘he is seeking to call attention to himself by his crimes’
    • ‘Too often in the longer book, the writing calls attention to itself and distracts from the story.’
    • ‘Feminist voices critically called attention to the relationship between sexism and male violence.’
    • ‘In my opinion, it called attention to what Allied forces were up against and might well have inspired them to renewed efforts against a worthy opponent.’
    • ‘He rarely calls attention to himself, rarely grandstands, but usually does it what it takes to get the job done.’
    • ‘But I think the part I admire the most is that he did it without really announcing it or calling attention to it.’
    • ‘Don't say or do anything to call attention to it, and Matt might not even notice.’
    • ‘The way they sell new dictionaries is by calling attention to all the new words they've located.’
    • ‘I yelled out to call attention to what was going on (at the same time wondering how smart I was to get involved).’
    • ‘Sleeveless, short or cap sleeves or tight sleeves call attention to, and display, the arms.’
    • ‘They also preferred to use behavioral strategies that redirected, rather than called attention to, problem behaviors.’
    publicize, make public, make known, give publicity to, bill, post, announce, broadcast, proclaim, trumpet, shout from the rooftops, give notice of, call attention to, promulgate
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