Definition of caliginosity in US English:



  • See caliginous

    • ‘It draws me closer, wanting me to leave the sanctuary of the caliginosity in my office and appease its every wish by chanting to the sun gods as I make sacrifice of little lemons and drown them in water and sugar.’
    • ‘He remembered doing it before on occasion, although he had always been one to prefer the caliginosity of the night.’
    • ‘Instead of revelling in pain and suffering though, Skodvin looked to the skewed world of the Dadaists feeling that their bug-eyed outlook would meld perfectly with his odes to the inky lords of Norwegian caliginosity, and the result is nine tracks of menacing abstraction and surreal, nauseating horror.’
    • ‘I believe this caliginosity is having a negative impact on the content of what I relate here.’
    • ‘The drive home reveals a slate sky, clouds that appear white against the sky's caliginosity and a saucer sized full moon cloaked in silver and pearl.’