Definition of California roll in US English:

California roll


  • A roll of sushi with a filling containing avocado, cucumber, and crabmeat.

    ‘where does one begin when choosing a sake to match their fresh California roll?’
    • ‘We were planning to make sushi (California rolls) tonight along with a Japanese noodle dish that my friend Amanda taught me to make.’
    • ‘The California rolls use actual crab, not sea stick.’
    • ‘You'll see all the sushi bar classics: ebi (shrimp), maguro (tuna), ikura (salmon roe), and California roll with a smattering of bright orange tobiko (flying fish roe).’
    • ‘The second round of items that came to the table - California rolls and yuzi sushi - seemed an afterthought and tasted like one, too.’
    • ‘A California roll topped with ultra-tender eel, called the dragon ($14), snaked across the plate in chunks, its head sprouting tiny horns made of carrot tips.’
    • ‘For the California roll, get some dried seaweed sheets, sesame seeds, medium grain sushi rice, an avocado, a cucumber, thin leg style imitation crab and some rice vinegar.’
    • ‘He returned to our table a short time later carrying a full tray of sushi, including tuna, shrimp, California rolls, and one of the best spicy tuna rolls I've ever had.’
    • ‘The salmon was perfectly glazed, and the accompaniments - fried shumai, California rolls, and even the miso soup - were exceptional.’
    • ‘You won't find mayonnaise in any sushi bar in Tokyo, but the American-Japanese concoction they call a California roll went down a storm, and the thinly sliced scallops were outstanding.’
    • ‘The bento box dinner - which includes salmon, fried shumai, California roll, white rice, and an appetizer of the diner's choice - is a highlight.’
    • ‘I was very happy with the $12.95 combo, with its six faultless pieces of nigiri sushi and one revelation - a seaweed-wrapped California roll made with avocado, cucumber and real king crab.’
    • ‘I ordered for him - just some basic tuna and salmon and California rolls - and showed him how to use his chopsticks and what to do with the wasabi and pickled ginger.’