Definition of calibrator in US English:



  • See calibrate

    • ‘Owing to the lack of widely used calibrators for some assays and the imprecision of the individual assay methods, it is difficult to define a single cutoff value for risk that will apply to all methods.’
    • ‘The precision assessment was performed as a quality control using the 15-point titration calibrators to qualify new slide lots and generate quality metrics for each client project.’
    • ‘Elsewhere on the diagnostics page were instruments; quality controls, calibrators, and standards; and kits and reagents.’
    • ‘The absorbance values and antigen concentration of the calibrators were plotted against each other semilogarithmically, and the results of the control and patient samples were deduced from this graph.’
    • ‘This will entice manufacturers to improve the accuracy of their methods by using more accurate calibrators.’
    • ‘If manufacturer's directions are NOT followed, state stepwise instructions including number, type, concentration of calibrators, acceptable limits, frequency, and reportable range for patient results.’
    • ‘Secondary calibrators are usually serum-based and the analyte concentrations less precisely determined by running many times against a former secondary calibrator or a primary calibrator.’
    • ‘Local on-site calibration was performed using frozen plasma calibrators to determine ISI values for each thromboplastin.’
    • ‘Three internal calibrators (low, medium, and high RNA concentrations) and total plasma nucleic acids are extracted simultaneously with test samples in each set of testing.’
    • ‘Such specimens may be used by instrument manufacturers as standards for calibrating bilirubin methods and for assigning values to calibrators provided to instrument users.’
    • ‘There are piles of peelers and small can-opener mountains; coffee machines and calibrators of all kinds compete for house room.’
    • ‘A standard curve is constructed based on calibrators of known concentration.’
    • ‘Two calibrators and two negative controls were included in each test run.’
    • ‘A methanolic stock standard prepared from pure gaseous difluoroethane was used to prepare whole blood calibrators.’
    • ‘All analyses were performed with reagents, calibrators, and controls from the instrument manufacturers and according to their published instructions.’
    • ‘Whole blood calibrators were prepared and all analyses included 1-propanol as the internal standard.’
    • ‘Many instruments are ‘open,’ meaning they can use reagents and calibrators from thirdparty manufacturers.’
    • ‘Using the known HCV RNA concentrations for the four calibrators and the determined ratios, establish a standard curve relating measured peak ratio to HCV viral load.’
    • ‘All study assays were performed according to manufacturers' recommendations; calibrators, standards, and controls for assays were utilized according to laboratory approved procedures.’
    • ‘The authors and other laboratorians hope that manufacturers use as primary calibrators solutions of SRM 916, or its equivalent, in human serum; secondary calibration should be traceable to primary calibrators.’