Definition of calf-length in US English:



  • (of footwear or an item of clothing) reaching the calves.

    ‘a calf-length skirt’
    • ‘The calf-length boot, worn under trousers strapped beneath the instep and called ‘overalls’ eventually became called the Wellington boot, after its most famous adherent.’
    • ‘Cassara was more than a little glad to be out of her dress and into some more comfortable clothes: a pair of billowing trousers, a cotton sweater and a pair of her favorite calf-length boots.’
    • ‘Trial judge Mr Justice Moses, who had swapped his red robe and wig for a grey, woollen, calf-length coat and pinstripe suit, followed on.’
    • ‘Lily, too, was dressed as oddly as ever, wearing one of her calf-length hippie skirts and her usual combat boots.’
    • ‘She looked substantial enough, calf-length boots, a tweed skirt and jacket.’
    • ‘Giovanni has an athletic build, wears heavy boots and a blue and white shirt tucked into turned-up denim jeans; Onelia wears a faded apron round her calf-length skirt.’
    • ‘Assuming that the body suit was the outfit that Alex was referring to, Andrea pulled this and the matching calf-length boots.’
    • ‘Nicholas Blanchet's collection saw calf-length flared skirts, some with two tones and silk over the top.’
    • ‘There were little calf-length boots, not for wearing in wet weather.’
    • ‘In the 1920s the calf-length tweed skirt with a crêpe de chine blouse epitomised the British look.’
    • ‘So they opted for a tailored calf-length coat - chocolate brown - with a blue pinstripe suit and white plimsolls.’
    • ‘If I wore my calf-length boots and a skirt, no one would ever know that I'd lost a leg.’
    • ‘I want my bridesmaids to be in a corresponding shape - a full, netted, calf-length skirt with fitted top, preferably in red.’
    • ‘If we lived in a city you would be wearing calf-length skirts and practicing piano and sewing all day, not chasing cattle across the fields wearing trousers and sitting astride a horse.’
    • ‘In the cooler highlands, they wear a calf-length shirt called a zanna with a jacket.’
    • ‘On this afternoon he was wearing a check shirt and rather tight jeans, his feet were in calf-length leather boots and he had a reasonable facsimile of Wyatt Earp's 10-gallon hat on his head.’
    • ‘Dresses are adorned with beautiful embroidery, as are calf-length skirts, cuffs and collars.’
    • ‘I pulled it out and tossed it on my bed, along with a pink, calf-length skirt.’
    • ‘Dawn, obviously uncomfortable, ran ahead of us wearing naught but the calf-length coat.’
    • ‘For traditional ceremonies, such as weddings, the sherwani and churidar, a calf-length tunic and tight-fitting trousers, are often seen, accompanied by a turban.’