Definition of calendric in US English:



  • See calendar

    • ‘When the issue is the efficiency, competence and foresight of U.S. intelligence agencies, one hopes the passage of 365 days is more than a calendric event.’
    • ‘This wonderfully complex calendar can be pictorially represented on a seven-row, thirty-column tika, a colorful calendric object that can be either painted or carved on wood or printed on paper.’
    • ‘But beyond this surface and calendric artificiality, there was something more fundamentally false about the Millennium as a historical event.’
    • ‘Caesar called the best of mathematicians and philosophers, including the Alexandrian astronomer Sosigenes to discuss the calendric reforms.’
    • ‘Anyone attempting to draw up a calendric schedule for the central events of Martin Chuzzlewit will run into some perplexing and thought-provoking anomalies.’
    • ‘The temple architecture reflects calendric and cosmological time cycles.’
    • ‘The correct answer, I noted to her, to the calendric question, What is today?’
    • ‘But William Saturno, the lead researcher reporting the find, points out that this ‘largely depends on what your definition of writing is - that is, the very first symbols, the first calendric signs, the first full-blown text, et cetera.’’
    • ‘This is due to a calendric technicality whereby Rosh Hashana, the first day of Tishrei, never occurs on a Wednesday.’