Definition of calculate in English:



  • 1Determine (the amount or number of something) mathematically.

    ‘Japanese land value was calculated at 2.5 times that of the U.S’
    [with clause] ‘he calculated that Texas would gain four new seats in the House of Representatives’
    • ‘And the dole office will reduce our dole by an amount calculated on the gross pay, not the post-tax net pay.’
    • ‘The experimenters then calculated, for each pair of concepts, an index of common features and an index of distinctive features.’
    • ‘The second alternative is when the pensions are calculated on the basis of working experience and volume of contributions made.’
    • ‘Customers could be billed monthly, with payments calculated on the basis of how often, when and where their vehicle is actually used.’
    • ‘Each experiment was repeated at least twice, and standard error between the experiments was calculated.’
    • ‘This figure, which was calculated on a quiet day means that 233 cars passed through the small town every hour.’
    • ‘The distance to the satellite is determined by calculating the amount of time it takes the signal to reach the receiver.’
    • ‘In past work employing this methodology, prevalence statistics for each reason have not been calculated.’
    • ‘It's important to calculate how a conversion will affect your taxable income.’
    • ‘Lump sums should be calculated on basic pay, including latest increases due under the terms of the new policy.’
    • ‘In Quebec, alimony payments are calculated on family income.’
    • ‘Mr Norton said the levy was calculated on the cost of the road.’
    • ‘If you had enough information you could calculate just about anything in this Newtonian universe.’
    • ‘They then extrapolated back along the bat family tree to calculate how big the brain of the common ancestor of living bats was.’
    • ‘Mean pupal mass was calculated for each experimental patch.’
    • ‘From our mathematical model we calculated the probabilities of different numbers of beds being occupied.’
    • ‘The index is calculated on unemployment figures and economic indices, including how much profit a business could make from investing in an area.’
    • ‘The bus is a far lower environmental burden than passenger cars, calculated on the number of passengers per kilometre.’
    • ‘At home, students could calculate the average amount of water used by each member of the family.’
    • ‘A computer program is available to help you calculate the amount of insulation appropriate for your house.’
    • ‘As most deals do not go through agencies, it is difficult to calculate the total number of hotels sold.’
    • ‘This impression can be assessed quantitatively by calculating a likelihood ratio as before.’
    • ‘The database calculates the total number of passengers and tons of materiel moved by each mode of transportation during a given operation.’
    • ‘Even though she had worked as an intern in a bank for one year, her annual bonus was calculated on the basis of half a year's work.’
    • ‘Motor insurance premiums could soon be calculated on how often, where and when people drive their cars, it was revealed today.’
    • ‘Deutsche Bank expects a price tag of 53 billion yuan, calculated on its enterprise value minus estimated debt.’
    • ‘Lamb calculated dollars per acre for his first experimental plots last year, most of it labor costs for weed control.’
    • ‘The federal government will officially announce the new rates in a day or two, but lenders have already calculated likely consolidation rates.’
    • ‘Standard deviations were calculated from four independent experiments.’
    • ‘In calculating percentage shares of income distribution the World Bank relies on household surveys of income or expenditures compiled by the various countries.’
    • ‘While we are calculating whether we have enough to buy the baby a new frock, she is blowing money like a Hollywood superstar.’
    • ‘For each doctor in each observation period we calculated the total number of contacts with patients per week in surgery hours and out of hours.’
    • ‘The school has yet to calculate the amount raised, but hopes the total will be several hundred pounds.’
    • ‘Based on the evidence which the Court had heard, the judge calculated such net benefit at £484, 437 including the cost of the drugs the subject of the charges.’
    • ‘Normally, calculating these numbers requires a custom program to be written for each query.’
    • ‘These functions, which cannot be found from bulk experiments, can be calculated for any kinetic scheme.’
    • ‘The average of the three absorbance determinations from each sample was used to calculate the amount of carbohydrate present in the secretions.’
    • ‘This computer method calculates the amount of damaged tissue by comparing MRI signal strength between damaged and undamaged tissue.’
    • ‘We calculated the total number of patients in each calendar month and then distributed this number according to the days of the lunar months.’
    • ‘Plutarch writes about an attempt by Xenocrates to calculate the total number of syllables which could be made from the letters of the alphabet.’
    • ‘To be fair, Widows does have an explanation for the reasons why it is calculating its bonuses in this particular way.’
    • ‘First, by averaging across the 245 judges, we calculated the mean nomination likelihood for each of the 50 nominees.’
    • ‘He experimented and calculated and worked out that there was a rule: the time of the swing is not proportional to the length of the pendulum, but the time squared is.’
    • ‘Time under tension is a way of calculating the total amount of work you place on a muscle.’
    • ‘A separate analysis of covariance was calculated on each dependent variable.’
    • ‘Correlations between moral distress scores and years of nursing experience were calculated by using the Pearson product moment correlation.’
    • ‘Physical distances between residues were calculated with a computer program.’
    • ‘Angie said, calculating in her head, that there was enough time.’
    • ‘Thus we can calculate how many atoms would cross the exobase fast enough to escape into space.’
    • ‘When we calculate turnout, we figure out how many active people there are in the entire population.’
    • ‘The experimenters then calculated, for each concept pair, indices of common and distinctive features.’
    • ‘The difficulty is determined by administering the question to test takers and calculating how many get the item wrong or right.’
    • ‘First, since management fees are calculated on portfolio values, fund managers' income will rise as markets recover.’
    • ‘That figure had been calculated on the assumption that Jan de Nul could make 9 barge trips a day at a certain daily cost.’
    • ‘To ensure the runway is long enough, always calculate the accelerate-stop distance.’
    • ‘Of course, any attempt to calculate or judge the exact stock market bottom is futile.’
    • ‘For each patient we calculated the total number of days spent in hospital and the number of separate admissions in the year, two years, and three years before death.’
    • ‘In practice, the experimental semivariogram is calculated by grouping pairs of locations in distance classes.’
    • ‘Any attempt to calculate or judge the stock market bottom is futile.’
    • ‘In both cases, the experimental curves are slightly steeper than those calculated.’
    • ‘The Sun is massive enough, Einstein calculated, to cause a measurable deviation in the direction of distant starlight passing near it.’
    • ‘The ground crew drained the tanks and we calculated that we had enough gas, with luck, for another 15-mins in the air.’
    • ‘For this reason, we also calculated the expected variance in the mean-squared displacements.’
    • ‘The unauthorised absence rate was calculated on the percentage of half-days missed by pupils for unauthorised absence.’
    • ‘This program will calculate the number of days between any two dates.’
    • ‘The normal method for calculating the number produces a huge voter turnout figure - a whopping 98.1 per cent.’
    • ‘In order to calculate accurately, you need to determine the length of the pattern repeat, if any.’
    • ‘In my experience calculating the angles for different localities for eclipses is not as helpful as might be supposed.’
    • ‘To estimate the experimental success, we calculated a dependent variable according to the following formula.’
    • ‘In this work, the logarithmic theory is used to calculate the amount of land subsidence.’
    • ‘Under the terms of the new arrangement, holiday pay will be calculated on the average pay of each individual carer over a 12-week period.’
    • ‘The savings, calculated on an average basket of 23 items, add up to £600 a year.’
    • ‘Given the number of coffee cups to dispense, the program is required to calculate the amount and display to the user.’
    • ‘The latter we calculate as enough to employ over 1,000 engineers at current market salaries.’
    • ‘The savings are calculated on the amount which would be lost per annum by paying fraudulent social welfare payments.’
    • ‘Jarvis bonuses are calculated on a set formula which includes the meeting of operational safety targets.’
    • ‘To explore these differences, we calculated the regression per experiment.’
    • ‘We calculated the expected numbers of cases for total cancer and for specific types of cancer by multiplying the number of person years in each stratum by the corresponding national cancer incidence rate.’
    • ‘For each male we calculated the total number of interactions he won divided by the total number of interactions in which he was involved.’
    • ‘Officially, the Borough authority say rent is calculated on the income tenants receive and is reviewed on an annual basis.’
    • ‘Means were calculated across all experiments, bars indicate standard errors.’
    • ‘While I calculated numbers to the primary divert, the aircrew based their numbers on a divert 25 miles farther away.’
    • ‘On the basis of the data from the norming study, the experimenters calculated an index of common features and an index of distinctive features for each concept pair.’
    compute, work out, reckon, figure, enumerate, determine, evaluate, quantify, assess, cost, put a figure on
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    1. 1.1 Determine by reasoning, experience, or common sense; reckon or judge.
      ‘I was bright enough to calculate that she had been on vacation’
      • ‘What is less clear is what might happen if the minister calculates that for security or political reasons, the election must be postponed or truncated.’
      • ‘She'd had enough to drink to take the edge off of her fear, but not enough to be unable to calculate.’
      • ‘I don't think any amount of huffing and puffing across the political divide is going to change Greencore's calculated business decision.’
      • ‘Then I carefully calculated the odds against them actually having happened.’
      • ‘Aid for potato farmers will be calculated on the basis of the area of the farms and will depend on the region where the potatoes are grown.’
      • ‘I wonder too if the general, who calculated both reason and result so meticulously, would have agreed to lead the invasion?’
      • ‘I don't know that anyone with experience in calculating these matters has had a close look at all the details of this.’
      • ‘She stars as Schatze, the recently-divorced mastermind, incredibly efficient and calculating but deep down she really wants to marry for love.’
      • ‘Howard is believed to have calculated that Davis, who decided against challenging for the leadership, has over-estimated his support within the party.’
      • ‘The whole time I watched the soldiers train, I felt their eyes on me, too, calculating, trying to see if I was worthy enough of their respect.’
      • ‘Well, that may all be right if the judge had calculated the damage to the reversion by say reference to comparable sales.’
      • ‘I am not quick enough to calculate that for you now but that is the way I see it.’
      • ‘With good reason he calculated that his main adversary was no longer a France now nearing exhaustion, but Britain.’
      • ‘The reasons for her choice are clear - and clearly calculated - but they have little to do with the lies the men first tell her.’
      • ‘So how is the ‘worth’ of a ministry calculated or determined?’
      • ‘The governor, cautious, calculating, deal-making, fundraising, looks to voters like the base of the political class that rules them.’
      • ‘Reason - cold, calculating, unimpassioned reason - must furnish all the materials for our future support and defense.’
      • ‘They mostly seem to be home front propaganda movies. They are charming and calculating and completely captivating.’
      • ‘I start to think that I haven't calculated enough - that I don't know what's going to happen.’
      • ‘A clip was shown of the most nonsensical scene of the movie in which his previously dumb-as-rocks character suddenly becomes smart and calculating.’
      • ‘‘The damage you had done over that period of time to this young man is very hard to calculate,’ the judge said.’
      • ‘This is not the sign of the innovator but the preserver, not the gambler but the investor, often willing to take a risk but only where it has been carefully calculated and measured by reason.’
      • ‘The prime minister calculates that he enjoys enough support in the capitol to derail any negotiated settlement that requires his nation's concessions.’
      • ‘As Cameron enters, Jem stares at the ground, trying to hide the reeling activity of his brain as he calculates the reason for this unprecedented visit.’
      • ‘But she was calculating - I mean, she was wondering ‘What can I do to help solve this problem?’’
      • ‘But let me tell you that it would be much worse if the charges were calculated on a basis of time spent in the department.’
    2. 1.2calculate on[no object] Include as an essential element in one's plans.
      ‘he may have calculated on maximizing pressure for policy revision’
      • ‘All other bands are calculated on a pro-rata basis depending on whether they fall into a higher or lower band.’
      • ‘He calculates on the basis of what is right to be done.’
      • ‘The valuations being attached to the next generation of mobile licences have not been calculated on the basis of any recognised criteria.’
      • ‘That risk figure is calculated on the basis that you figure out what can go wrong and what the chances are of that happening.’
      • ‘The figures were calculated on a pro-forma basis, assuming its restructuring had taken effect at the start of the year.’
      • ‘He points to the well-known ingratitude of princes and quotes George Washington: ‘There can be no greater error than to expect or calculate on real favours from nation to nation.’’
      • ‘You do not have to calculate on the lottery you buy - doing so would be a waste of time and energy.’
      • ‘The new entitlements will be calculated on the historic information held in the Department of Agriculture and Food in the case of each farmer.’
      • ‘There is also a fine passage where Jericho quickly calculates on information-theoretic grounds whether the coming convoy clash will supply enough material to break back into the U-boat Enigma.’
      • ‘See, her boyfriend is allergic to nuts, all kinds, so I had been calculating on making something nut-free.’
      • ‘With Meteor's business saver plan, call rates are calculated on a company wide usage for best value.’
      expect, anticipate
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  • 2usually be calculated to do somethingIntend (an action) to have a particular effect.

    ‘his last words were calculated to wound her’
    • ‘Odds ratios and corresponding confidence intervals were calculated to measure the main effect of diabetes on eating disorders.’
    • ‘The grey granite exterior is calculated to render the lodge almost invisible against the looming backdrop of the hill.’
    • ‘Repaying capital plus interest means that the repayments are higher and are calculated to repay both the loan and the interest by the end of the term.’
    • ‘For each scale, effect sizes were also calculated to provide scale independent estimates.’
    • ‘My first thoughts were that this was rather a selfish attitude, calculated to preserve their little bit of moorland.’
    • ‘None of my remarks were in any way calculated to influence the judicial process.’
    • ‘Yet if this most deceitful of the 20th century's killers is calculating on forgiveness, he may be deceiving himself.’
    • ‘The height and distances between houses have also been carefully calculated to ensure they can get most of their energy from the sun.’
    • ‘Crude odds ratios were calculated to assess the effect of study variables on failure rates.’
    • ‘Confidence intervals were also calculated to confirm the effect size.’
    • ‘That is an equally plausible scenario when we tell the truth - sometimes we reasonably err in calculating what the likely consequences will be.’
    • ‘Major reform calculated to turn our nation into one of the largest single markets in the world is thus deferred till next year.’
    • ‘The average wholesale price for power calculated to be 5.1 cents at the end of November.’
    • ‘Defences now being put in place have been calculated to ensure a relatively watertight town for the next 50 years.’
    • ‘Effect sizes were also calculated to see how meaningful the differences in the group means were.’
    • ‘The sanctions are calculated to go into effect on the eve of a presidential election year.’
    • ‘He was calculated to have consumed nearly twice the legal limit of alcohol when he knocked down the pedestrian, before driving away.’
    • ‘The choice of the venue at that precise time was calculated to do the maximum damage to the prime minister and to highlight his lofty disdain for anyone who gainsays him.’
    • ‘He apparently calculated to keep his impoverished system afloat and himself in power.’
    • ‘These anonymous briefings have been finely calculated to provoke a mass of critical scrutiny about the enterprise minister.’
    • ‘Omissions are not calculated to mislead and do not effect the substance of the certificate.’
    • ‘The current process is not achieving significant progress, but minor concessions calculated to win more time.’
    • ‘Everything is rendered in colors calculated to look edgy but remain, oddly, tasteful.’
    • ‘This is a man whose pattern of life has not been one calculated to go down the straight road of a politician.’
    intend, mean, design, plan, aim
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  • 3US dialect [with clause] Suppose; believe.

    • ‘Each experiment was calculated from 12 to 24 independent cultures and at least two independent experiments were done per strain.’
    • ‘After accumulating enough data, we calculated that each person spent at least a full minute in a stall.’
    suppose, presume, think it likely, think, believe, imagine, assume, conjecture, surmise, judge
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Late Middle English: from late Latin calculat- counted from the verb calculare, from calculus a small pebble (as used on an abacus).