Definition of calculability in US English:



  • See calculable

    • ‘Post referred to Church's identification of effective calculability with recursiveness as a ‘working hypothesis’, and quite properly criticised Church for masking this hypothesis as a definition.’
    • ‘These measures entail ‘excessive control and an over-focus on efficiency measurements and calculability.’’
    • ‘The numbers of tortured, deported, and murdered people embody not the calculability, but rather the incomprehensibility, of genocide.’
    • ‘This culture can be seen as a symbol of a completely rationalized society, one that is strictly oriented toward calculability and the rapid pace of life; this societal structure now appears to be spreading as part of a global process.’
    • ‘Control is necessary to ensure efficiency, calculability and predictability.’
    • ‘In his description of the conditions of maximum formal rationality of capital accounting, he often talks of complete calculability.’
    • ‘Of course, there can be no objections to efficiency, quality management, and calculability - so long as their realization does not produce irrational side effects.’
    • ‘Approaches to drug treatment have become increasingly receptive to the dimension of calculability.’
    • ‘The market naturally puts limits on the size of a firm or company because there are limits of calculability in a market.’
    • ‘The Fordist model of work and organisation is marked by the emergence of individualised and economic forms of calculability which govern the social and the self’
    • ‘The development of accounting is linked to broader trends in economies and societies towards standardization and calculability in the efficient management of individuals.’
    • ‘A precondition for the feasibility of global balancing of all expected and real performances is the standardization and calculability of the expected performances.’
    • ‘Punctuality, calculability, exactness are forced upon life by the complexity and extension of metropolitan existence.’
    • ‘This kind of rationalization tendentially subjects institutions to the norms of instrumental reason: efficiency, calculability, standardization.’
    • ‘Cost calculations were part of a regime that enhanced visibility and established a system of calculability that rendered human accountability visible.’
    • ‘What Gödel needed for the ‘arithmetization’ of a formal language was a precise definition of the intuitive concept of calculability for numerical functions.’