Definition of calcium hydroxide in US English:

calcium hydroxide


  • A soluble white crystalline solid commonly produced in the form of slaked lime.

    Chemical formula: Ca(OH)₂

    • ‘Lime combines with water to form calcium hydroxide [Ca 2], also known as slaked lime.’
    • ‘As hydration occurs, the silicates are transformed into silicate hydrates and calcium hydroxide, and the cement slowly forms a hardened paste.’
    • ‘When free lime reacts with water, it forms a peculiar form of calcium hydroxide that the Germans call epizet, strained calcium hydroxide.’
    • ‘As lime plaster cures, the calcium hydroxide in the mix slowly reacts with carbon dioxide in the air.’
    • ‘Calcium oxide dissolves to form calcium hydroxide, magnesium oxide dissolves to form magnesium hydroxide, and so on.’
    • ‘The easiest time to remove calcium hydroxide efflorescence is before it combines with carbon dioxide.’
    • ‘Sculptural stucco is dehydrated lime, which is calcium hydroxide, produced from firing and slaking marble or travertine.’
    • ‘The primary chemical process that occurs in the first 2 hours after concrete is placed is the formation of calcium hydroxide, which typically makes up 15 to 25 percent of ordinary Portland cement concrete.’
    • ‘We know that fly ash adds strength to the concrete by combining with the excess calcium hydroxide, thereby reducing or eliminating the problem of efflorescence.’
    • ‘Efflorescence occurs when calcium hydroxide in the concrete dissolves in water rising through the concrete - especially during the initial set phase.’