Definition of calcimine in US English:


(also kalsomine)


  • A kind of white or pale blue wash for walls and ceilings.

    • ‘These products were first developed for painting directly over calcimine and wall paper, although this is no longer recommended because it may lead to difficulties at a later date.’
    • ‘The insides of houses were coated with calcimine before the advent of paint.’
    • ‘I assume that calcimine paint was used throughout the house.’
    • ‘Calcimine (ordinary dry calcimine used for walls) may be mixed with gasoline and used to dye flowers.’
    • ‘How can I tell if there is lead paint or calcimine paint for that matter under the wallpaper?’
    • ‘Company records show that hotel maintenance personnel used the pinkish mud to ‘paint,’ or calcimine, many interior walls of the hotel.’
    • ‘You can do a search on calcimine paint removal and find lots of different tips.’
    • ‘The only long-term fix to this problem is to accelerate the release of the calcimine paint with a wall paper steamer to strip the paint.’
    • ‘Prime the walls with a calcimine covering primer or oil based primer and paint the surface.’
    • ‘All original paints used on plaster on the building's interior, including and especially the decorative painting, were calcimines - water-based, glue-bound, calcium carbonate paints.’
    • ‘Even if paint seems to be adhering in large areas, the water will soak into the calcimine behind the paint and it will scrape off.’
    • ‘Kalsomine, even when first applied, had a tenuous grip on the plaster.’


[with object]
  • Whitewash with calcimine.

    • ‘John is calcimining and decorating the theater and Waldo, a scenic artist, is painting the drop curtains and other scenery.’
    • ‘We painted around the edges with a dark colored varnish and the walls were calcimined.’
    • ‘The person who is chosen for this position will supervise and participate in painting, staining, varnishing, finishing, lacquering, enameling, calcimining the exterior and interior of buildings, and sand blasting and removal of vandalism graffiti.’
    • ‘The paints are factory tested and do not suffer calcimining, powdering, or decay.’
    • ‘John Burroughs, who accompanied President Roosevelt to the hotel in April 1903, confirmed ‘that they had kalsomined some of the rooms with materials from one of the devil's paint-pots.’’
    • ‘The walls of the rooms must be calcimined, painted, frescoed and papered; they must be dyed in the mortar, finished with leather, with tiles, with tapestry and with solid wood panels.’
    • ‘About every year or so, she could talk him into calcimining the hallway, the dining, and living room walls, a job he detested.’
    • ‘The stone obtained from these pits yielded iron of a superior quality, but the small amount left after calcimining did not render the working payable.’
    • ‘After the wall or ceiling has been kalsomined, it is possible to decorate it with figures or borders, using, as paint, kalsomine of suitable colors.’
    • ‘If papering and painting, or kalsomining are to be done, do the last named first.’
    • ‘He is a painter by trade and had been engaged in calcimining a basement of a large building for some days previous.’
    • ‘Company records show that sometime before 1903 Fountain hotel maintenance personnel used the pinkish mud to ‘paint,’ or calcimine, many interior walls of the hotel.’
    • ‘As a growing child, he took to crayons and drawing on the white and turquoise blue calcimined adobe walls of his parents’ casita.’
    • ‘Interior walls in the watchman's quarters were plastered and calcimined and those of the bathroom were plastered and enameled.’
    • ‘There should be a pleasant window or two through which fresh air and floods of sunlight may come, a few plants on the window sill, a small stand for a workbasket, an easy chair that the servant may ‘drop into’ when an opportunity offers, the walls painted or calcimined with some cheerful tint, and a general air of comfort pervading the whole kitchen.’
    • ‘Your ceiling was calcimined a long time ago and no paint will adhere to it; the paint coming right off your roller indicates that it is calcimine underneath.’
    • ‘All walls and ceilings of rooms in which food or drink is stored or prepared shall be painted, preferably in light color, or calcimined, or otherwise finished at frequent enough intervals to maintain the surface in a clean condition.’
    • ‘We noticed last week that the walls of the church were being calcimined, and were not very favorably impressed with the manner in which the stuff was being spattered over the woodwork.’
    • ‘The rooms of the school had been cleaned, a certain amount of calcimining done and repairs were carried out by the cleaners.’
    • ‘Many members looked after oiling the floor, calcimining the walls and varnishing the benches and woodwork, even refinishing where needed.’
    • ‘A painter friend who lived in Greece for awhile said he thought the calcimining done each spring in villages probably had very little binder and seemed flaky as he remembered.’
    • ‘When it is desired to present the appearance of the ordinary rough finished plaster wall, the surface of the boards is calcimined after they have been attached to the wall timbers and the result is a wall which cannot be visually differentiated from the ordinary rough finished plaster wall.’
    • ‘Q You don't know that calcimining in closets where it is damp, sometimes changes the entire color?’
    • ‘The most common variety of Portland cement is a mixture of calcimined calcareous and argillaceous materials, forming a complex composition consisting of tri-calcium illuminate, tetra-calcium alumna ferrite, decaliun sillicate and tetra calcium ortho-silicate.’


Mid 19th century: of unknown origin.