Definition of calcification in US English:



  • See calcify

    • ‘Iron stains were performed but were not needed on 2 cases with scant hemosiderin pigment on first review, since deeper sections showed definitive deposits of pigment and calcifications.’
    • ‘He fumes at his superiors, chews scenery, and stumbles upon some carnage where an infectious virus has calcified an entire boardroom full of lawyers.’
    • ‘Right now, the coronary calcification scan by CT shows us calcifications.’
    • ‘Subsequently, an abdominal CT scan revealed a distinct mass in the head of the pancreas of heterogeneous intensity with associated calcifications.’
    • ‘Of the cases biopsied only for calcifications, 20 of 32 cases had calcifications associated with the atypical foci.’
    • ‘Extravasation of meconium causes an intense chemical and foreign body reaction with characteristic calcifications, vascular fibrous proliferation and cyst formation.’
    • ‘They are made up predominantly of ectodermal components (hair, calcifications, sebaceous material) and have a large cystic component.’
    • ‘Greater than 50% of the time there will be globular calcifications or rim of calcification.’
    • ‘Globular calcification or rim of calcification has been noted 56% of the time.’
    • ‘Since these tumors characteristically contained calcifications and large cells, the descriptive term large cell calcifying Sertoli cell tumor was preferred.’
    • ‘A calcified central nidus, a laminated pattern, diffuse calcifications or a ‘popcorn’ pattern all suggest benignity.’
    • ‘Typically punctate and linear calcifications are seen in the articular and hyaline cartilage, most commonly recognized in the menisci of the knee and triangular fibrocartilage of the wrist.’
    • ‘An early phenotypic alteration in these mice is a cardiomyopathy with calcification and altered mitochondrial appearance.’
    • ‘CT typically shows a homogenous ill-defined mesenteric mass which may contain flecks of calcification.’
    • ‘It is characterized by squamous epithelial cells, calcifications, and eosinophilic deposits that have been identified as amyloid.’
    • ‘It is characterized by five major components, including multiple nevoid basal cell carcinomas, jaw cysts, congenital skeletal abnormalities, ectopic calcifications, and plantar or palmar pits.’
    • ‘The mass had a pink, shiny, and slightly lobulated cut surface with focal, punctate, light yellow calcifications and irregular, white, fibrous streaks.’
    • ‘Get out into actual ministry and there is already a strong bias against deviation, which the longer you live with the more entrenched and calcified it becomes.’
    • ‘A computed tomographic scan showed a large complex mass with fatty densities, calcifications, and intermixed solid and cystic areas extending from the pelvis to the epigastric region.’
    • ‘An alternative interpretation is that these plates are secondary calcifications that formed between the marginals similar to those in the holotype of Zygocycloides raymondi.’