Definition of calcicolous in US English:



  • See calcicole

    • ‘Athough Hyacinthoides non-scripta can be prominent in spring, the distinctive field layer feature is the abundance of Mercurialis per ennis and a range of associated calcicolous herbs and bryophytes.’
    • ‘Geological activity along the faulting zone has concentrated calcareous material along crevices and seepage areas, encouraging the growth of calcicolous plant species otherwise rare in the district parks.’
    • ‘Results are discussed in view of conservative management of calcicolous meadows, since these semi-natural ecosystems are especially threatened in Western Europe.’
    • ‘Northern ashwoods, Fraxinus-Sorbus-Mercurialis, the most calcicolous of the northwestern woods, not surprisingly occur very locally.’
    • ‘Extreme limestone locations are dominated by a group of calcicolous grass-like species.’
    • ‘We have investigated the influence of management practice on the species composition of upland calcicolous grassland.’
    • ‘The range of calcicolous plants includes kidney vetch, crested hair-grass, and wild thyme.’
    • ‘Non calcicolous paphs like delenatii get rain water all the time, and I flush all my paphs with rain water on a regular basis.’
    • ‘Also, the basalt, directly above the chalk, is locally capable of supporting all the calcicolous species that chalk can support.’
    • ‘On the opposite side of the island is the richest area for calcicolous bryophytes in the county.’
    • ‘This study describes anatomy, ontogenesis and history of taxonomy of calcicolous endolitic species of the genus Verrucaria, which have been treated as Bagliettoa and Protobagliettoa (Verrucaria sect.’
    • ‘A large number of calcicolous mosses occur in the habitat type.’
    • ‘Dry siliceous heath can be distinguished from dry calcareous heath - HH2 by the absence of any calcicolous, or lime-loving plants in the former.’
    • ‘Cantabiran holm oak groves are situated on the dry conditions of the sunny limestone slopes, and between these and the beech groves are the calcicolous gall oak forests.’
    • ‘We will identify genes that are differentially expressed between calcicolous and non-calcicolous ecotypes of A. thaliana and determine their role in the calcicole phenotype.’